Rite of Passage Stories, usually with a Mystery to Solve

What should have been:
Petra Ceason was born on Wednesday 21 June 1972, on the right side of the tracks in a small town just outside Bristol. She was the first member of her family for several generations to fail to get into an Academically Biased institution. This left a severe, but deeply hidden open wound, until she was emergency blind dated with an older man. Although the wound took years to heal completely, Easteruprising O’Grady packed it with salve and sewed the edges back tightly together, on their first date.
Consequently, she embarked on a passionately friendly Sexual Education Affair with Pi, until Mr Right came knocking barely two months later. They were married when he graduated and she joined him in the frozen north, where they now live, with their two children, on the Estate he manages.
Pi, now retired and with no children of his own that he is aware of, is a Godparent of each of the youngsters and a regular and eagerly awaited, welcome-visitor to the house.

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