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Rosalind Schelle at Abrevert

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Sylvie Stayles at Maktub

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Me Dancing the Dawn Up on my Roof at Abrevert

I am an author, and this website is to publicise my books, to tell you something about them, and invite you to buy them.

To facilitate this I have asked my characters to explain a bit about themselves, and the book they are in, as their page comes up.

I write stories with the objective of making you feel good after you have read them. I like crime mysteries, and character development driven adventure stories, so my books are these too.

My Books contain interesting characters having absorbing adventures, there is some erotic sex but almost no violence, and certainly no gratuitous violence. To guide you in your choice each book carries a Content Guide.

None to Five Sex Flames:

None to Five Violence Hatchets:

If murder mysteries which challenge you to solve some aspect of them entertain you, if Romance, feisty women and watching a character grow is your thing, my novels are for you.

I do. There is no Flash, no Adverts no annoying gimmicks. Sylvie, Do you like this Website?

It’s  definitely eco friendly, very green!

I should have known better than to ask a punnist!

Dear Surfer;

Because Petra’s area of expertise is young adults and their development, her characters, that’s US, the pictures on these pages; her characters are mainly kids/young adults. Her stories, however, are as much about Kids as Watership Down was about Rabbits.

{Having said that, in our Real Lives we transgressed far beyond any immoralities depicted in her books. Just mostly, we didn’t get caught. Yes!}

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Petra Dancing on her roof at Abrevert

I designed my website to be eco-user friendly, do you like it Jennifer?

To get a taster of my Stories and encourage you to buy them, click on the link below for my instruction page on how to get a Sample Short Story in .pdf format. You may choose either Formatted for iPad/PC, or Formatted for Kindle/Smart ’Phone. {Or both if you wish.}

Provided you do not edit this file,

you may give it away.

Someone on the Serif Forum, suggested that I might be better off giving you, Dear Surfer, an extract to read, to see if you like my style.  I’ve taken the idea to the next stage, not an extract, a whole story.